Saturday, October 16, 2004


I know I don't need a new car.
I don't need new clothes.
I don't need much of anything, really.

So do we stretch? An solitary income in a world of supplementals; I'm the life raft surrounded by dingies, boats, oceanliners and tankers.

"No, it's the truly poor folks in Louisiana who are the rafts," says the ghost.
"Those people already drowned," says I.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Racing Against This

I'm talking out loud,
to myself,
often these days

Not crazy but worn,
tired fighting,
to hear my thoughts through the haze

Which cry out against the
rising noise
in a steadily growing daze

Racing straight into the reds
only to turn
and hit brakes on the hills.

The children unhappy in their beds
need a change
feed them more grinning pills

to calm the tide of confusion
growing daily
then jail the evil-doer thugs

mother mother guide me
as long ago you did
fill the musty air now; turn darkness into hugs

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Saturday BBQ

So I'm feeling very American this evening, looking forward to a fully fledged outdoor BBQ with friends on a warm Saturday night. There are few things as relaxing as grilling up a bunch of meat over a fire. Coals, gas or otherwise I'm just a big fan of grilling. It's something I definitely missed when I was in D.C. and will miss again if we end up moving to a city that's so urban that we don't have any means of being outside with a grill.

Life will change rapidly in the new few months. I feel my visions of what it will be are only somewhat accurate. Hence the need for this blog. Perhaps the 'look back' will provide some insight into other big changes.