Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

This really couldn't be much more perfect. I've listened to it about 5 times in the last 12 hours. Kinda goes hand in hand with my laughter and giant smile at my potential dating scenarios... Thanks Bob Dylan for being a lyrical genius and already expressing what I've been trying to put into words with such wonderful sarcasm and eloquent imagery.

It ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe
It don't matter, anyhow
An' it ain't no use to sit and wonder why, babe
If you don't know by now
When your rooster crows at the break of dawn
Look out your window and I'll be gone
You're the reason I'm trav'lin' on
Don't think twice, it's all right

It ain't no use in turnin' on your light, babe
That light I never knowed
An' it ain't no use in turnin' on your light, babe
I'm on the dark side of the road
Still I wish there was somethin' you would do or say
To try and make me change my mind and stay
We never did too much talkin' anyway
So don't think twice, it's all right

It ain't no use in callin' out my name, gal
Like you never did before
It ain't no use in callin' out my name, gal
I can't hear you any more
I'm a-thinkin' and a-wond'rin' all the way down the road
I once loved a woman, a child I'm told
I give her my heart but she wanted my soul
But don't think twice, it's all right

I'm walkin' down that long, lonesome road, babe
Where I'm bound, I can't tell
But goodbye's too good a word, gal
So I'll just say fare thee well
I ain't sayin' you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don't mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don't think twice, it's all right

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Thoughts Departing Salt Lake's Splendor

Something amused me this evening
on the flight from Salt Lake,
as I sat next to the brown-haired, 6' missionary
with a lovely smile
and she flirted
the thought occurred:
Does she know anything other than missionary position?
And do I really need another number?!

And then I realized:
I'm pretty much cured.

Or maybe,
it was the club last night
with the oodles of women
with whom there's no guilt.

Or maybe,
it was the realization
that I was looking forward
to returning
for the sake of talking
to those who still see my wonder
and I theirs.

And then another thought made me laugh aloud
in the airport
as I passed by a young couple
and they held hands
but did not smile
the thought occurred:
Thank God I am free of baggage.

I've supplemented my void of complaints with physical actions.
Skiing, snowboarding, running, vinyasa flow, cycling.
I'm a little creaky and there's more left.
I'm a bit weathered and that makes the passion burn hotter.

My physical pain is my own to have and hold, so help me God.
My smile is mine to own and shine outward for all the world to see.
My physique is mine to cherish as long as it shall last.
My peace is mine to share freely, with all the knowledge of the past.

Photos from the Roxy Chicken Jam, March 2007, Salt Lake City, UT

Roxy Chicken Jam, March 2007

Also check out the site I spent 4 long days keeping fresh and live: Roxy Chicken Jam 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Apropos Tunes

Music always has more meaning when I'm present. That is, when I'm me. When I'm not distracted by mental chatter or prone to complaint. What have I heard lately that made me sing, dance and generally smile (big)? Well, this time around it's Innervisions by Stevie Wonder. Last year it was Magic Time by Van Morrison. I'd like to say there won't be a next time. But Billy disagrees with me and I'm prone to agree with him.
You're Only Human by Billy Joel
It's not always easy to be living in this world of pain
You're gonna be crashing into stone walls again and again
It's alright, it's alright, though you feel your heart break
You're only human, you're gonna have to deal with heartache
(You're only human, ooo-ooo)

Just like a boxer in a title fight
You got to walk in that ring all alone
You're not the only one who's made mistakes
But they're the only thing that you can truly call your own

Don't forget your second wind
Wait in that corner until that breeze blows in
Pull the Wool by G. Love
Lies in the nest never ever let the birds know rest
Lies in the nest never ever let the birds know rest
Lies in the nest never ever let the birds know rest

I can forgive, but I never can forget and lies in the nest never
Ever gave the birds no rest
Bricks built without straw were so weak they crumbled
To mud, just as your excuse with truth left you easily undone
Dont you run away

Dont you pull the wool over my eyes
Dont you pull the wool over my eyes
Dont you pull the wool over my eyes

(Long) Gone by Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Don't cry baby, you did nothin' wrong
Don't ask why this stone keeps rollin'
It's just goin', goin', goin'
Long gone

You can think whatever you want to baby
Believe whatever you wanna believe
Deep in my heart I've loved you
But my heart's like a tumbleweed

Jesus Children of America by Stevie Wonder
Say Transcendental
Speaks of inner
Transcendental meditation gives you peace of mind

You'd better tell
Your story fast...
And if you lie
It will come to pass...

Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing by Stevie Wonder
Don't you worry 'bout a thing
Don't you worry 'bout a thing, mama
Cause I'll be standing on the side
When you check it out...
When you get it off...your trip

Everybody needs a change
A chance to check out the new
But you're the only one to see
The changes you take yourself through
I am creating laughter for myself today and letting go of mental chatter.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Intent for Gratitude

I am leaving behind anger, regret, sadness and hope and creating gratitude for myself this week.

I have learned three important lessons in the past month and they are not only worthy of posting but worthy of integrating fully, with intent and purpose, into my life such that they are forever lasting and memorable:
  1. I am a free and intimate man, growing and succeeding. This is not up for dispute, not a fact to be tampered with in the annals of history or changed over time. I am. I am enough.
    - Me
  2. Winners never quit. And quitters never win.
    - Lisa Nichols
  3. Standing in trust I let The Universe be The Universe as Me. Gratefully I let it be. And so it is.
    - Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith
Thanks to my father for providing the following poem by George Wither, 1622.
Shall I Wasting in Despair

Shall I, wasting in despair,
Die because a woman's fair?
Shall my cheeks look pale and fair,
Because another's rosy are?
Be she fairer than the day,
or the flowrie meads of May;
Yet if she be not such to me,
What care I how fair she be?

Shall my foolish heart be pin'd
'Cause I see a woman kind?
Or with a well-disposed nature,
Joined with a lovely feature?
Be she kind, or meeker than
Turtle-dove or pelican;
If she be not so to me,
What care I how kind she be?

Great, or good, or kind, or fair,
I will ne'er the more dispair
I she love me, this believe,
I will die ere she shall grieve.
If she slight me when I woo,
I can slight and let her go;
If she be not fit for
What care I for whom she be?

Shall a woman's virtues move
Me to perish for her love?
Or her merits value known,
Make me quite forget mine own?
Be she with that goodness blest,
Which may gain her name of Best;
If she be not such to me,
What care I how good she be?