Monday, June 11, 2007

Only Waters Ahead

Once upon a time I was a little boy
ran around aimless finding boundless joy
and then all this time passed
and I've seen the bitter
but this spirit still finds there's time just to shimmer.

I sought out passion in the solace of others
and tried to find comfort hiding under covers
until the truth stood up
and said "How do you do?"
with my body bared and my soul torn through.

Washed clean in a rainstorm, gripping desperate to cliffs
as the waves crash round and with weakened wrists
the clenching lets go
and the spirit breaks free
the path looks clearer but we're lost out at sea.

Bereft of a vision still the sun always rises
enough so to recognize that life's not the prizes
but the passion and smiles,
the movements and motions
the feeling of solace when we're lost in the oceans.

In that moment surrounded by blue salty skies
we can't anymore tell the stories and lies
the truth is apparent
and the thoughts are all said
so the mind finds its clarity and only water's ahead.

One Can Dream

I was spending some quality time last night (among other things eating sushi and playing Wii) with a good friend and sometime during the course of the evening she asked me, "What do you want?" It was in the context of a conversation about relationships. And at the time I just laughed. I laughed because I had this crystal clear idea of how it would FEEL but I had absolutely no idea how to describe it. The feeling is all I needed to manifest the idea but a description helps when speaking aloud.

This morning on the standard morning commute the iPod let me know the answer. The rare Rod Stewart song came on and "Mandolin Wind" started playing. So I think I can define what I want so succinctly it struck me with a smile and I listened to the song three times. Thanks Rod.

The coldest winter in almost fourteen years
Could never, never change your mind
And I love ya.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


A person asked Buddha:
"Are you a God?"

Buddha's reply was

"Are you an Angel?"

"Then what are you?"
"I am Awake."

-- Unknown Source