Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dispute a Despot

Has anybody else noticed the severe lack of fair voting democracy in so-called democratic countries lately? It's downright frightening. Here I thought that the election of female leaders would lead to a new world order and it seems that instead we're approaching a big-brother world order.

Not sure what I'm referring to? I suggest a brief review of recent fraudulent elections the world over:
  • United States of America: The good ol' USA had not one but TWO fraudulent elections in 2000 and 2004. They were so fraudulent that there are actually proven individuals who swayed the results and decision made that purposely threw the election to the people already in power (i.e. the government of Florida and the conservative Supreme Court)! This is the home of "freedom" and democracy, right?

  • Mexico: Close on the heels of the USA 2004 election was the awesome Mexican election dispute of 2006. What a debacle. We're talking fraud on a grand scale and, unlike the United State of Apathy, people actually camped out in protest! There was talk of forming a second government alongside the first because the leading opposition candidate, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was so convinced that no good could come of the current administration.
  • Zambia: the 2006 election just occured and was not only disputed but then marked by extreme violence. The pattern continues... What happened to a vote that is a vote? Seems to me that in elementary school the way to fairly settle something is to vote as a class. That's pretty basic. If the teacher swayed things and made the vote fraudulent wouldn't you supposed the children would lose faith in the practice of a democratic election? Fair? Who said anything about fair.

  • Yemen: September 2006 Voting was suspended in a total of 140 polling centres that witnessed violence, according to the country's highest elections panel. Elections-related violence killed five and injured 45 during polling 20 September.

  • Need I go on? Ecuador 2006 is coming up. People are already alleging fraud and nobody has voted yet! Does this disturb you? It should. The only right you have in this so-called free-will world is a vote on who becomes the next "man". If "the man" is so corrupt that he won't even cede power in a certified election to an alternate, wealthy, corrupt & immoral "man" than what's the point?

Will I stop voting? Hell no. I have some inkling of an idea of what it's like in China for people who have no true vote. Hell, even China's local elections are marked by fraud and violence. But I will use my vote to try to get the fraud OUT of office.