Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sydney - Day 1

I've had a day that has lasted about 53 hours now. Which isn't to say that I didn't sleep in the coach class of the non-stop United flight to Sydney. I slept 9 hours in total (not bad for a 14.5 hr flight). More that sleeping in coach class (even the bulk head I sat in) does not really qualify as the type of rest that would separate one's night from day, day from night or day to day. And so I write this after a full day exploring and enjoying, to the fullest extent, the very essence of a first impression of a new city. A new country. A new continent. And that, my friends, is unique.

Sydney is, upon first impression, a wondrous city. A mix of Seattle's laid-back attitudes, Europe's driving style and San Francisco's eclectic cuisine sprawled over the rolling hills of a modern metropolis. The streets on the outskirts have a modern US-suburbs feel -- organized and busy; convoluted but well-kept. Oh the wonder.

Post arrival we headed for the suburbs of Sydney to the Shimano office. Whereas the airport lies 5 miles south of the city proper (Downtown), Shimano is another few miles south in an industrial area. We worked straight off the plane for several hours. I pondered VPN and network configuration in a thick daze of post-international fight stupor and double-espresso clarity. Hashing through the hardware and architecture we found common ground and deepening trepidation about the swap of an technological infrastructure I'd travelled 8,000 miles to change.

And then came the break. Mid-afternoon we departed the office for the day and headed out for beers and sustenance. A solid meal of "Old" beer and a quality Turkish tofu sandwich. What's not to like there? The fries (frites, chips, whatever euro-style you call them) here are fantastic as well. Our hosts tell us that Australia is the 2nd fattest country in the world, 2nd only to the good ol' USA. But my initial impressions are that the people are beautiful and laid back. involved in life with an injection of a "We don't give a damn, mate" attitude. A few beers and some people-watching later we headed off to our hotel for a quick shower.

Off to the bars then, mates. We headed into Darlinghurst proper in which we are staying. Beautiful beings surround (men and women). It's a mixture of extremely gay eclectic cafes and bars, chique hotels and tourist trap attractions. We adeptly avoided the latter thanks to colleages who had visited previously and our most generous host, Greg. Mojitoes all around. And for those who think that leads to Sydney having any sort of decent Mexican food, I've been told that's all wrong. But the rum/mint/lime drinks were made with the utmost care and were absolutely on the spot.

All this warm-up (truthfully, work, lunch, hotel and bar were just the start) leads us to the finale of the evening: Fish Face restaurant. The fish and chips and grilled Kingfish were to die for. But the piece de resistance was truly what I happened to order: the Ocean Trout with Mushrooms and Leeks encrusted in a Filo Pastry. Right mate, it's the best! Accompanied with a Grove Mill Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand this dinner was among the top I've had in my business travels (and having been through many a travel to Switzerland's top establishments -- see previous entries) that's really saying a lot.

With a belly full of wine and the freshest of Pacific sealife, we proceeded on to the Fig and Pecan truffle. Lord help us. It was pecan pie taken to to the next tier of taste sensation. Normally I'd stop and say, "Well, the fish was fresh but the desert left something to be desired". But it did not. Truthfully, with an espresso in hand each of us was left with nothing but the tantalizing taste of satiation and gratitude. Thanks "Fish Face".

The night-cap and day's true awe-inspiring ending was a quick cab ride to the harbour overlook. From here the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are lit up for romantic yet fulfilling nighttime views of Sydney's finest. The Opera House at night is a monument to behold. A true spectacle of what fine architecture run amok and billions over budget can do. Though art lovely and spectacular Opera House. The round of dirty martinis (Grey Goose of course, we're travelling business here) kept the awe that much more inspiring.

And so my dear friends I find myself back at hotel Kirketon, a lovely post-modernist art deco hotel with an abundance of spacious red carpet, nouveau simplicity and tasteful clean linear architecture in what they call a "Contemporary Lifestyle Hotel". I do not fear that after 53 hours I will now get a proper night's sleep only to start the adventures anew tomorrow. Adieu, adieu. Don't let jealousy drive us asunder. With love from Down Under, GP.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Up Above to Down Under

so that's down under, well
then I'm up above.
for the winds blowin' strongly
and the buds rear their heads
as the challenges for my soul
ain't resting in their beds.

If one is a means to happiness
and two's a whole lot more
then three is just a launch pad
for a life I do adore
It's a trip, these smiles between us,
each leading to a road
we follow to its completion
embracing each new load.

here am I still smiling
no krishna in the sun
rather ready to depart
seeking out new adventures
and finding truth in winter
refusing my own censures.

If one is a means to be happy
and two's a whole lot more
then three is just a launch pad
for a life I do adore
It's a trip, these smiles between us,
each leading to a road
we follow to its completion
embracing each new load.

if die I must tonight
take with me hopes and memory
and I'll go happy for my life.
please invite my friends to dinner
and those I loved even more
tell them how it could be
if I'd found some room for four.

Neither, More,
Three Now Four,
Up Above to Down Under
Life's more... life is more.

Friday, January 27, 2006


When I was a kid my parents sometimes called me "Raving Roo" because I'd often times just go off on a tangent about some particular issue which seemed, at the time, important to discuss in a three-sided one-man forum between me, myself and I. It occurs to me that the last two posts are pretty heavily opinionated. But you know something, it's my blog. Go get your own damn blog if you're gonna complain. Not that I've had complaints. This is more of a pre-emptive strike against my own conscience for indulging in the guilty pleasure of writing whatever the hell I please and publishing it to the world. So just when you start to think, "What the hell is he trying to say?!?! I do that stuff!!", please look at the image herein and you'll realize that I once wrote an honors thesis about witchcraft & the black sabbath because I thought the dancing goats were cool (and got Cum Laude off it too!).

The Freedom to Go

It's a funny feeling I get when I have a full tank of gas in my car. I'm not much of a car guy but I know the models and usually engage in some typical watercooler conversation with the more 'car savvy' native Californian's in my office. Keep in mind I work in IT. That means two things: mostly men and toys.

But I don't believe it's my 10+ years in the IT field that gives me the all-consuming feeling of freedom when I gas up. I get a simlar feeling, actually, when I fill the air in the tires of my bicycle but not quite to the same extent. The feeling is one of convenience. As though I've just worked hard to earn the $25 that allows me to go whereever the hell I please. Maybe it's some form of American-ized super-ego Free to Be, You and Me attitude of a Generation X'er who spends hours dreaming of retirement. Or maybe it's the movies, magazines and posters that make me yearn for the freedom of the open road.

It's probably a little of both: hard work earning freedom and the American spirit. Somehow I don't think the Bedouins in the Egyptian desert are dreaming of the open road so they can fill their camels with water and ride off into the sunset. It's obviously some form of cultural absurdity that I usually try to avoid like the plague. And you know something? I don't really care. The feeling doesn't hurt anyone and it makes me feel good! At least I'm not driving a Hummer and I'm not driving a pollution machine.

So I've been socialized in some way to like the automobile. In Southern CA I have seen a lot worse than socialization. Interestingly, however, the feeling doesn't come on every time I fill-er'up. It usually happens on a day when I've actually washed my car (myself, by hand, not hiring Mexican illegals to do the job) and take some pride in several facts of life:
a) I am free
b) I am self-supportive
c) Nobody's foolish antics, attitude or lack of integrity can steal that
d) I'm gainfully employed
e) My net worth is approximately 99% higher than most of the world at large

As I look at the price of a gallon of gas under the long reign of terror known as the Oil Tycoon Presidency I have to wonder how good we still have it? Have you ever thought about the above list and compared your life against this list:
a) I'm free because I was born here and had good fortune not to be sold to a white slave trader on a family vacation to Trinidad
b) Chinese laborers die for my lifestyle; I support only capitalistic tendencies
c) I'm a weakling in a world of bears -- truly those with nothing to lose are those who can't have anything stolen so shouldn't we give it all away?
d) I work in a modernized slave quarters; at least on Jefferson's plantation I'd get some fresh air and get laid by the President (ok, that's offensive but I'm leaving it in there)
e) Yah, I'm richer than an AIDS patient in Kenya but one drive on PCH in Malibu makes me want to take a shit on the lawn of a few 'inheritance' victims.

That's just an alternate view. In some honest soul searching I definitely lean toward the former list as the latter is awfully self-pitying and that's just pathetic. If you have everything and still complain... well, you need to be taken out back and dealt with. If you have money and want more then you're American.

Just as an example of the illness surrounding us despite our freedom, take a hypothetical. Jane earns $100. She spends $20 on gas to drive her new car that costs $40 in monthly payments. She has $40 leftover and really wants to go party with her friends. But she expects that because her friend Janet made $200 last week that she'll buy drinks. And you know something, if she has good friends maybe Janet WILL buy a round. But Jane if you expect Janet to pay... well, why? If Janet knew she should tell you to go fuck yourself. Jane, you're American. You want more money? You go get 'em honey. But if Janet has more you're not entitled to any. Not a loan, not a free ride, not even a drink. It's your SOUL that will get you that drink. Your essence. Your being. Your personality. Your karma. Some transcendental energy in this world that makes your being benefit because it's inherently good. Expectation of care is not means for kismet. It's means for somebody driving by in a nicer car and giving you the finger. Oh Janet, you need to find the Buddha and learn why you tend toward the more pitying souls in this world.

But I digress. Complain though we may about the price of gas (still HALF that of Europe), all the while driving Ferrari's and Hummers around, I have to note we still have it pretty sweet. The reality is that I don't drive a camel (which isn't to say I don't have experience doing so). My car is 10 years old but it's in beautiful shape, runs like a champ. I have the ability & opportunity to drive something manufactured in Japan where they care about quality because I live in a country where we can import foreign goods. That's pretty unique. That's pretty amazing. That's pretty great.

Though this is a blog and I may or may not have a point herein (that's for you, my dear Reader, to decide), I feel that our freedoms are so taken for granted it's no wonder there's a Jihad across the planet. So the next time you are stuck in traffic, burning gas at $2.69/gallon and cursing the 'crumbling infrastructure' in America's cities do a Google Image search on Haiti, Iraq or Sudan & the word "violence". And then go out to your oversized truck or sedan and think how freakin' lucky you are just to be alive today. Because the reality is that you got lucky. You were born in a country where you're more liable to die from over-eating (in the ole' days it was called the sin of gluttony folks) than from a bullet through the head shot by a 14-year-old uneducated child trying to be a civil war hero.

Drive safe. Enjoy the freedom of the open road. And wipe that grimace off your face when you see the gas prices.

Postscript: What the hell does "Support Our Troops" mean? Wouldn't the best support be bringing them home so they can get a job and drive on the open road too?!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Revenge of the Beard: Superbowl Swami

I'm not much of a regular season sports junkie. I like a good Angels game and have always had a weakness for some bloody hockey. But when it comes to playoffs of any sort I usually get pretty hooked. Luckily for me, I don't have TV in my house so I don't have the temptation to spend an entire weekend indoors on the couch when it's 73 degrees and sunny in southern California.

However, I did watch one NFL football playoff game this weekend and in the course of viewing I had an epiphany that, amazingly, none of the commentators mentioned. The power of the beard.

The leaders of the two teams that proceed to the AFC championships next week, the Pittsburgh Steeler's Beth Roethlisberger and the Denver Bronco's Jake Plummer both sport some serious post-season beards. How can the major networks not understand that this is where their underlying power comes from? This is a serious oversight. Wake up people! I've found the fundamental key to sports victory. Just take a look at the winners:

And now take a look a the losers, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts:

So you say to yourself, "Self, I don't believe Mr. Penn. I believe he's so full of shit it's likely coming out his ears." And to the doubters I say the proof's in the pudding. Please take a gander, if you will, at Mr. Tom Brady when he WON the SUPERBOWL in 2003:

Yes, view it and weep all you Patriots fans. With all the sports analysis of 'What Went Wrong 2006' the reality is that if these gentleman had put more focus on the damn pigskin and a little less on shaving so they'd look pretty for press conference they'd be much better off. God help us if Ben and Jake shave prior to next week's game. And the NFC? Didn't see any footage (not that into football, sorry) but from viewing photos on Yahoo it appears they have some serious facial hair growth to pursue in Carolina and Seattle. Lets get growin' boys... else you'll seriously struggle in the 'big game'.

For those who doubt, I want you take a look at one other piece of proof. Power is in the beard, folks. Who has more... George Bush Sr. and Jr:

or Sri Swami Satchidananda:

Personally, I'll take the Swami by 10 points on Superbowl Sunday, February 5th. What crazy loon out there will take that bet?

Women Rule? or Women Rule!

Lists of recently elected leaders, male and female instincts and suggested Presidential slogans

Has anybody beside me noticed the abundance of female world leaders lately? It seems like all the news organizations are reporting these powerful women rising to power but nobody is putting two and two together: Men are hairy monkeys, women are sleek.

Lets review:

  1. Chile (that's in South America for all you geography deadbeats) just elected Michelle Bachelet as their first female President. This woman rose to power without the help of any man. That's a first for South America. Everyone else has been the "wife" of a former leader. You go girl.

  2. Germany elected Angela Merkel as the first female Chancellor. This is quite a feat for a country that still wears nothing but black and has a still too-scary-to-believe percentage of folks who wish the Nazi's would come back. Heil Merkel? I doubt it. This is nothing but positive change even though she seems to be siding with President Bush on a few too many issues for my taste.

  3. Liberia just elected their first female President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. This woman was in jail for similar reasons to Nelson Mandela. What's amazing is that Africa is the most corrupt and backward continent on the planet. It houses double-digits of dictators (or deposed ones). Sirlead is neither a dictator nor a political virgin. She's on the up and up and it looks like a quality change. Side note: Wasn't something positive bound to happen in Africa at some point? Even with no education you make progress eventually.

So where does this leave the USA? Hillary Clinton seems the natural progression of the trend. But that just doesn't feel right for conservatives or liberals. We live in a country where 80% of the geography is filled with 95% of the people that hate. That includes all kinds of top-notch, high quality hatred: black, white, rich, poor, Asian, Jew, you name it. I don't foreseee a woman getting into the most powerful office in the USA anytime soon because, believe it or not, a few of these hatred filled monkey-folk actually vote! But I hope to see the trend of female leadership continue.

Why? Because women, to be quite honest, are just better rulers. They rule, to some extent, the same way they think. There is some semblance of emotion involved. Now the average mid-western red-neck might say something along the lines of, "Damn boy, you want that there Preseedent to be all whinin' and complainin' once a month? You're one damn crazy Jew boy. Ya'll just go back where you came from." To which I say, "Actually, Mr. Neck, based on the average age of the US Presidents, if a woman got elected, she's probably already be post-menopausal... idiot."

Men are not necessarily born leaders. They have no need to nuture others as women do. Why would you think they could nuture a country? Men have the following instincts:
  1. Spread seed of life
  2. Hunt and kill animals to feed ones self
  3. Defend territory from other monkey men
  4. Spread more seed

Given these instincts and the general knowledge of the universe I pose the following question: What the fuck are we thinking?

Lets review the basic instincts of a woman:
  1. Accept seed from first willing monkey to create small monkeys
  2. Gather or grow food to feed self and monkey (monkey comes first)
  3. Nuture mini-monkey into large monkey
  4. Help any non-monkey offspring to find monkey companions and berate them for not being good hunters, seed spreaders, etc. (i.e. Mother-In-Law)

Desperate times call for desperate change. So I present to you, the good people of the USA some slogans for the next Presidential election:

  1. Vote woman, not monkey for the next President.
  2. Monkeys unite to get us the hell out of office.
  3. Less war, more bananas. Women for President.
  4. Go Goddess. A return to the feminine ideal.
  5. Women's lib is on the march. Or was. Whatever.
  6. Roe v Wade is going away. You will be responsible for your seed like never before Wake up Monkey Men!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Frozen Bison

If you like it, join Nature Conservancy.

Happiness is a conscious choice

To some it's obvious that happiness is a conscious choice. But apparent though it may be, how many people internalize that concept? Let me provide an example and you can see if you have any relation.

You're make a trip in the car, out of your way, to the post office because you need 2-cent stamps. A whopping fifty of them will cost you $1. But the automated dispensing machines are all broken or sold out. And your mind wanders off... "Damn this red-tape spouting government entity. If they made $1.6 billion in profit last year then why can't they hire another employee to stock the machines and make a call to the vendor to fix the broken ones?" You know how it goes. On and on, usually. "I shouldn't have to wait in line for this. I can't believe the post office is always this crowded. Why do people take so fucking long to mail their damn packages?"

You realize that waiting in line for 20 minutes for a $1 purchase is assinine. And yet you really want to send those letters that have piled up on your desk at home. Some are bills and damnit, they need to get into the post.

But just maybe you don't have anywhere else to be really. You aren't as unfortunate as the 87 year old woman who looks downright uncomfortable waiting in the car for her grand-daughter to get the hell out of the post office. Looking to your left you see an very content woman in her early 70's. She looks poised, self contained and not the least bit rattled that her number in line is probably a 30 minute wait. What is she doing to make peace with the world around her? What is she thinking. And then you remember, "Happiness is a conscious choice. Rusty told me that just the other day."

You internalize that happiness is a conscious choice. "I have no place else to be and certainly no reason to rush there if I do," you tell yourself. And things suddenly settle down. The rush of 2 minutes ago is all but vaporized. A gentleman in his mid-forties sits on the waiting bench next to you and looks friendly. You strike up a conversation. Turns out he needs stamps too. His wife came the other day and waited in line outside in her car so long that the post office closed 3 minutes before she arrived inside. You imagine how ANGRY she must have been. But he looks so calm. He looks patient and happy. So you ask him, "Hey, it would save me 5 minutes if you could take my $1 bill and buy me 50 stamps in addition to the ones you're already purchasing." He mulls it over for a second and says, "Yah, no problem."

You get your stamps about 5 minutes later. You smile. And you give your number in line to the very content woman next to you which, in turn, will save her 10 minutes of waiting. She thanks you and smiles too. And the cosmic juices are flowing now. Because you chose to be happy. That attracted happy people. That attracted good 'karma' (indulge me here) and that resulted in a better day for everyone.

Does it really work that way? You tell me.

Where The Hell Have I Been?

So in thinking about my upcoming travels I was reflecting upon where I'd been in the past few years. Yes, you may say this is an exercise in frivolity. But I more wanted to review for myself: a denouement of the last 2 years if you will.

The list is by no means complete prior to 2005 though I think most of the major trips of 2004 are included. 2003 is a blur. 2002? God only knows. I know I was in Osaka and Kyoto twice that year and Maui (see photos). I know that all the ski trips and camping trips are unaccounted for... but something has to be left to the imagination lest I document my entire life.

Anyway, when one looks at the freedom in one's life and the ability to move about and get 'out of the cube' in one's job I think the below list says it all. It's no wonder I generally enjoy being home when I'm here. An important note: almost all of the trips below were for pleasure or involved some type of pleasurable activity taking place after 'work' was done. What is work, really?

When Where
May-02 Maui, HI
Jul-02 Osaka & Kyoto, Japan
Oct-02 Osaka & Kyoto, Japan
Jul-03 Paris, France (Le Tour de France!)
Aug-03 Cape Code, MA & White Mountains, NH
Sep-03 Lausanne & Basel, Switzerland
Sep-03 Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest)
Sep-03 Nunspeet & Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan-04 Basel & St. Moritz & Zurich, Switzerland
Apr-04 Nunspeet & Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr-04 Antwerp, Belgium
May-04 Maui, HI
Jul-04 New York City, NY
Aug-04 Chicago, IL (SQL Training)
Sep-04 Seattle & Bellingham, WA
Sep-04 Singapore, Singapore
Oct-04 San Francisco, CA (AMA Training) & Santa Rosa, CA
Oct-04 Miami, FL (Blue Martini Conference)
Nov-04 Sedona, AZ
Jan-05 Nunspeet, Netherlands
Jan-05 Mammoth, CA
Feb-05 Bellingham, WA
Mar-05 Mammoth, CA (Spring break!)
Mar-05 Sonoma (Yoga retreat)
Apr-05 San Francisco, CA (RedHat Training)
May-05 Sedona, AZ
Jun-05 Osaka, Japan
Jul-05 Santa Rosa, CA (4th of July)
Jul-05 Bellingham, WA (Surgery)
Jul-05 New York City, NY (Beth's Wedding)
Aug-05 San Diego, CA (BakBone Training)
Sep-05 New York City, NY (Amanda's Wedding)
Sep-05 Joshua Tree, CA (Camping)
Sep-05 Las Vegas, NV (Interbike Show)
Oct-05 Nunspeet & Utrecht, Netherlands
Oct-05 Shanghai, Beijing & Kunshan, China
Nov-05 Santa Rosa, CA (Thanksgiving)
Dec-05 New York City, NY (SQL Training)
Jan-06 Santa Rosa & San Francisco, CA (New Years)
Feb-06 Sydney, Australia
Mar-06 Santa Rosa, CA & Seattle/Bellingham, WA (F5 Training)
Apr-06 Eugene, OR (Wings Seminar)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What (s)he does not control

Listening to Tom Leykis lately and finding some enjoyment and some disagreement but all things obvious for both sexes. And it's made me think that...

(s)he does not affect whether or not your car needs an oil change

(s)he does not affect whether you have a date tonight

(s)he does not affect the time you have to read and relax

(s)he does not affect your choice to travel near, far or nowhere at all

(s)he does not affect the fact that nobody else is calling your phone either

(s)he does not affect your hunger

(s)he does not affect your sexual energy

(s)he does not affect the music you enjoy

(s)he does not affect an emotional reaction you have to a film

(s)he does not affect your ability to run until your heart gives out

(s)he does not affect some lazy haze of winter gloom that told you stray from routine

(s)he does not affect your choice to be happy this moment

(s)he does not affect your disrespect for the universe that you propogate

because (s)he

is not you.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Differing Views

Two Views
I enjoy differing views. If we were all the same there'd really be no spice to life. But whereas we take differences and our ability to cope with them for granted it's often a real kick in the ass when two opposing views are so strong that you have no choice but to confront the difference as either:
1) A kick in the balls if you have balls or
2) So inane you have to walk away

So Who's Right?
Sometimes you get a nice mixture of both. And sometimes you don't. I guess we're all just Almond Joys and Mounds trying to cope with one another. Often our lack of understanding of an opposing viewpoint is simply bred through ignorance. And sometimes it's just right versus wrong. One could ask oneself what is 'right' just as much as what is 'moral'. But that's a different conversation with myself.

Cough up the right answer
I recently contracted the first 'bug' I've encountered in some years. A cold I suppose you'd call it. Sore throat, stuffy head, headache, tired, etc. No fever so far (knock on amphetamine box). And what did I learn? Well, a few things: First off, I'm a pathetic patient and am probably not very pleasurable to talk to. This means I rely on my physical presence, my prowess if you will, to get me through the average day. When the physical dropped away I found a very sad state remaining. Does this mean I'm a fucking basket case? Maybe. But probably not. Instead it means I could use with a dose or two of shut up and listen to the opposing viewpoint medicine when it comes to dealing with empathy.

Seeing is believing
Proclaim that I am the world's most empathetic person I do not. However there's room out there for less empathy than I possess as well. And it's not pretty. Either way, being sick made me realize that the opposing viewpoint, as assinine and illogical as it may seem during the intial clash of 'beliefs', may have some validity that one is not seeing at first glance (or maybe even at 100th glance).

You're (Wrong/Right)!
It's not to say that your viewpoint is always wrong and you should always adopt the opposing view. Far from it! Most likely, for you, the view you have is right if it's not based on lack of experience and a pre-conceived 'in-the-box' notion of some inane cultural bias. However there's more out there.

Sometimes we all need a good cold so we can cough up some clarity from our hearts to our brains. As a side note here's an amusing excerpt from the screenplay of "The Doors". Two opposite viewpoints couldn't be demonstrated much more clearly:

J: Are you going to get rid of it? Look ... Wouldn't it be better to have it with someone who wanted to be it's father?

P: A fucking genius, that's what it'd be. From you and me? The child would be a goddess or a god.

J: It would be a monster. Look ... I don't want the responsibility.

P: You're a coward, just a little boy!

J: I got this trial that's hanging on me, and I can't afford this.

P: The only way you can't afford it is emotionally. Those vows were forever in the goddess' sight. "Death does not part, only lack of love."

J: Come on, Patricia! I was stoned. It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Staring at the Sky

What have you been doing with your mind
Watching waiting for the rest of time
It's passed and you're still staring at the sky
I know you sit and think you're fine
The call that never came was so sublime
It's passed and you're still staring at the sky

Shrieking won't make them think you're strange
But fighting the chaos won't make it change
There's something clear beyond that last Oh Why
Seeking the right words won't make them come
Earning your smile back doesn't mean your done
There's something clear beyond that last Oh Why

Step outside and find the sun
You are not a paper's sum
Nor yet can you wait for another one
Another walk won't kill the pain
But breath a new day into your brain
This turn you made will soon be done.

How many things have you seen pass
How many worlds until the last?
There's something clear beyond that last Oh Why
One foot front the other inert
Your only impetus a grin or flirt
There's something clear beyond that last Oh Why

Shake your head and say it's done
You've given up on having fun
It's passed and you're still staring at the sky
Nod your yes's relinquish the no's
but it hasn't made you leave your home
It's passed and you're still staring at the sky.

Country Trash

Country Trash by Johnny Cash

I got a crib full of corn, and a turnin' plow
But the grounds too wet for the hopper now.
Got a cultivator and a double tree
A leather line for the hull and gee
Let the thunder roar and the lighting flash
I'm doing alright for Country Trash

I'm saving up dimes for a rainy day
I got about a dollar laid away
The winds from the south and the fishings good
Got a pot belly stove and a quart of wood
Mama turns left-overs into hash
I'm doing alright for Country Trash

I got a machina and a hunting dog
A cap I ordered from the catalog
A good tall tree that shades the yard
A good fat sow for the winters lard
Let the thunder roar and the lighting flash
I'm doing alright for Country Trash

Well there's not much new ground left to plow
And the crops ned fertilizer now
My hands don't earn too much gold
For security when I grow old
But we'll all be equal under the grass
And God's got a heaven for Country Trash
And God's got a heaven for Country Trash
I'll be doing alright for Country Trash