Friday, January 27, 2006


When I was a kid my parents sometimes called me "Raving Roo" because I'd often times just go off on a tangent about some particular issue which seemed, at the time, important to discuss in a three-sided one-man forum between me, myself and I. It occurs to me that the last two posts are pretty heavily opinionated. But you know something, it's my blog. Go get your own damn blog if you're gonna complain. Not that I've had complaints. This is more of a pre-emptive strike against my own conscience for indulging in the guilty pleasure of writing whatever the hell I please and publishing it to the world. So just when you start to think, "What the hell is he trying to say?!?! I do that stuff!!", please look at the image herein and you'll realize that I once wrote an honors thesis about witchcraft & the black sabbath because I thought the dancing goats were cool (and got Cum Laude off it too!).

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