Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where The Hell Have I Been?

So in thinking about my upcoming travels I was reflecting upon where I'd been in the past few years. Yes, you may say this is an exercise in frivolity. But I more wanted to review for myself: a denouement of the last 2 years if you will.

The list is by no means complete prior to 2005 though I think most of the major trips of 2004 are included. 2003 is a blur. 2002? God only knows. I know I was in Osaka and Kyoto twice that year and Maui (see photos). I know that all the ski trips and camping trips are unaccounted for... but something has to be left to the imagination lest I document my entire life.

Anyway, when one looks at the freedom in one's life and the ability to move about and get 'out of the cube' in one's job I think the below list says it all. It's no wonder I generally enjoy being home when I'm here. An important note: almost all of the trips below were for pleasure or involved some type of pleasurable activity taking place after 'work' was done. What is work, really?

When Where
May-02 Maui, HI
Jul-02 Osaka & Kyoto, Japan
Oct-02 Osaka & Kyoto, Japan
Jul-03 Paris, France (Le Tour de France!)
Aug-03 Cape Code, MA & White Mountains, NH
Sep-03 Lausanne & Basel, Switzerland
Sep-03 Munich, Germany (Oktoberfest)
Sep-03 Nunspeet & Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jan-04 Basel & St. Moritz & Zurich, Switzerland
Apr-04 Nunspeet & Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr-04 Antwerp, Belgium
May-04 Maui, HI
Jul-04 New York City, NY
Aug-04 Chicago, IL (SQL Training)
Sep-04 Seattle & Bellingham, WA
Sep-04 Singapore, Singapore
Oct-04 San Francisco, CA (AMA Training) & Santa Rosa, CA
Oct-04 Miami, FL (Blue Martini Conference)
Nov-04 Sedona, AZ
Jan-05 Nunspeet, Netherlands
Jan-05 Mammoth, CA
Feb-05 Bellingham, WA
Mar-05 Mammoth, CA (Spring break!)
Mar-05 Sonoma (Yoga retreat)
Apr-05 San Francisco, CA (RedHat Training)
May-05 Sedona, AZ
Jun-05 Osaka, Japan
Jul-05 Santa Rosa, CA (4th of July)
Jul-05 Bellingham, WA (Surgery)
Jul-05 New York City, NY (Beth's Wedding)
Aug-05 San Diego, CA (BakBone Training)
Sep-05 New York City, NY (Amanda's Wedding)
Sep-05 Joshua Tree, CA (Camping)
Sep-05 Las Vegas, NV (Interbike Show)
Oct-05 Nunspeet & Utrecht, Netherlands
Oct-05 Shanghai, Beijing & Kunshan, China
Nov-05 Santa Rosa, CA (Thanksgiving)
Dec-05 New York City, NY (SQL Training)
Jan-06 Santa Rosa & San Francisco, CA (New Years)
Feb-06 Sydney, Australia
Mar-06 Santa Rosa, CA & Seattle/Bellingham, WA (F5 Training)
Apr-06 Eugene, OR (Wings Seminar)

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