Sunday, May 27, 2007

And So Change

Dear Spirits of Those I Still Love

It is most unfortunate you are not here to see me grow
You see though how my success is unprecedented now
The abundance that wraps its arms about my spirit is clear
The manifestation makes me feel as a seer
And you, spirits, would laugh with me at how we could play.

You would enjoy this shoreline where I frolic
feel my smile from across the room and absorb it
gain pleasure from mine own and share in the wealth
of this knowledge, so freeing, as we'd celebrate our health
together, unencumbered loving each and every day.

Though you be not here in the physical sense
Be it known that I think of you when the walls seem dense
and the light seems to dim and my energy sinks
after passionate love affairs and one-too-many-drinks
when I know you'd appreciate the joy of my experience.

I'd cry that you left this place too soon
and run and hide at the coming of each moon
but for the freedom and intimacy and growth
which daily reminds me that I can have both
what you wanted and what I wanted

without compromise.

Dear Spirits of Those I Still Love,

I am on the path you wished me to find,
and though I wish I'd found it in kind
please wish for me the best as before
and someday I'll know we could not have been more.

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