Monday, November 12, 2007

Mo Ego

My ego has been somewhat challenged lately and that's always a good thing. If it wasn't the hip-opening workshop with Denise Thibault this past Saturday that left me sore and emotionally inept then it's the stock market or the housing market.

Either way, I'm bringing myself a level deeper with "Movember", a worldwide fund-raiser for Prostate Cancer. Why is it called Movember? Well, it's a mixture of two words: "Mo" which is slang for a mustache, and "November" (as in the month of).

So men around the world are growing mustaches (the sillier the better I suppose) for the entire month of November to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer. I'm 12 days in to this endeavor and I not only look ridiculous but I also have $275 in my anti-cancer cookie jar. So I'm reaching out to the good people of the land of clean-shaves and asking for support in a good cause, tax-deductible, in trade for the complete deflation of my own ego and the fight against a disease that kills 27,000 men each year.

I'm not alone in the cause. I am proud to say that my employer, Quiksilver, has the largest team of "Mo Bro's" in the USA. We are 98 strong and as such Quiksilver is matching every dollar donated. So just think of your donation of $25 as equaling $50! Plus, Quiksilver is extremely organized and has photographed each one of us: pre-Mo and will photograph us post-Mo. Not to mention I have to keep this sucker through Thanksgiving.

To find out more and to sponsor me, please click here.

Sponsors will, of course, get a sweet photo emailed to them at the end of Movember and I'll be posting the results on my blog too.

Movember - Sponsor Me

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