Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June Gloom Be Gone

It's one of those days in SoCal. June Gloom has set upon us and we, being the least able to survive in weather (outside of sunny and 70 degrees) of all humans, have our heads in the marine layer. Despite a ride to work and a generally simplistic day, a solid AM meditation and a friend who called to have dinner I still sit here thinking about those non-present, non-controllable, unimportant issues of life. Jobs and bills and such.

My head makes lists. Need to go to the vet for prescription cat-food, need to buy a new pack of Advantage, need to buy a new set of contact lenses, need to service the car, need to get groceries, need to get a webcam, need to keep the phone bill under wraps... you get the idea. Are any of those things life? Is life any of those things? And yet one can't have starving kitties, starving self or a broken-down car. Buddha says to focus on the present. In the present I can pay for those things. I work to do so. I live to breath and breath to live and keep my focus on the bigger picture.

We are either breathing in harmony or out of harmony. I choose harmony. I choose peace of mind. I choose what I can be, do, feel, see and understand and what I cannot. Wrapped up in the June gloom sometimes it's easy to lose one's way. Feel lost in the clouds. But this marine layer will burn off soon enough. And when the sun comes back out I'd like to be seen wearing a smile rather than a look of dumbfounded shock.

And you? What did you choose today?


Anonymous said...

It is raining where I am from too.. so much so that your post struck my muse today.. and now I find myself writing and thinking about my choices for the day.. random as all hell..

I made the most peculiar choice to listen to the song Blower’s Daughter (http://www.warnerbrosrecords.com/damienrice/) on the way to work.. it is splendidly tortuous.. not really a song that you blast at 7:30am.. but it oddly suited the occasion of my morning.. rain and everything.. the song reminds me what it feels like to feel.. not such a bad thing after all..

I spent the day at a work conference examining all the nooks and crannies of child abuse.. not many choices there..

When I got home I had a tablespoon of peanut butter and then chased it with a sip of Diet Coke.. umm dinner.. those are good..

Currently.. I choose to deliberately remember you.. and admittedly.. its neat to see the man you’ve become.. super neat..

Later tonight.. I will choose to watch re-runs of The Office because I am secretly in love with Jim (don’t tell him). “Where’s that GUY anymore”.. is what I will choose to say to myself afterwards when I try to go to sleep.


Unknown said...

Me, I chose to get up early go to the gym and enjoy the sun when it was out. Did a little Yoga later and spent time weaving. Took a nap with my kitties and fixed dinner.

Marine layer or not (and up here in the 'Ham' it's more common than not), I always find things to do so the gloom doesn't settle in.