Saturday, December 22, 2007

Thoughts at the start of 11 days

Somewhere a few weeks ago I was traveling. Vancouver, Bellingham, Whistler, Vegas. That's quite a bit. I felt the 'harshness' set in. Lack of gratitude with simultaneous expectation. They go hand-in-hand. Then the pressure seemed to seep out, slowly but steadily, and I realized that I was somewhat glad I don't do that anymore more than maybe twice a year. The back-to-back cities and the crappy weather (generally 90% of the world's weather is crappy compared to Southern California so really when you travel anywhere North or East you basically are going to get worse weather any time of year).

I like home. I like my bed and my too-comfortable home and my wardrobe. I like my local yoga studio and I like my instructor. I like my girlfriend (more than so!). I like Calypso on my head in the morning and I like Tangerine asking for treats (at 9:37am even though the rule is no treats before noon).

But more importantly, with 11 days of peace and quiet -- on my own terms, with my own needs first and my own best wishes to fulfill -- I intend to appreciate all those joys of life listed above and then some. I'm taking this time of year called "the holidays" to just appreciate everyone and everything. I am grateful.

Happy Holidays!

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Unknown said...

Just catching up with your posts! Tangerine begging for treats any time is good. Even better to sneak him some before noon.