Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Relationship Wishes & Owlbear Dreams

I have had a series of disturbing and extremely vivid dreams lately. The strangest part of this is not that I've had them but rather that I actually remember them two days later and have given them enough thought to warrant a blog entry.

Let me explain the most recent one from this past Sunday night. It involved the capture (or raising) of a dinosaur-type creature that walked on two legs and had some type of duck bill. Somehow, in a cage in the San Francisco Zoo, I ended up trapped with this creature. More odd than that was that my girlfriend was a duck in the dream. Yes, a duck.

Did I mention these dreams were strange?

So anyway, the creature was very angry; I would be angry too if I was the last duck-billed dinosaur on Earth and was on display in the middle of a metropolitan zoo. Anyway, the creature attacked me in the dream. I was holding my girlfriend, the duck, who was squished in the subsequent attack. That made me very angry. So in turn I savagely attacked the dino-creature.

It was not until today that I realized what the dinosaur was. It was some kind of meld of two childhood memories:
  1. Dino from the Flintstones
  2. An "Owl Bear" from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual Vol 1
I realize I am not normal. However this transcends the category of "strange dreams". What I have invented here, in my imagination, is a creature that combines Hanna Barbara and 1980's nerd roll-playing fantasy games.

In my own psycho-analysis I think I am concluding that my girlfriend is a soft, white creature whom I wish to protect from a violent and disturbing world. When that world crushes my plan it comes in the form of my own childhood which leads to violent rage.

IN SUMMATION -- my immaturity has potential to kill my relationship; if it does, the outcome will not be positive. If you can look at the two creatures above and keep a straight face (or not) then let me know if you think I need to be committed. I consider the dream to be a forewarning to myself: don't be a fool. Come to think of it, that's a pretty good lesson for the whole of humanity.


Cat said...

I know you've been broadening your food horizons lately. Is it possible you've eaten something thats making your dreams crazier than usual? Something spicy, something pickled? Too much saurkraut and I have crazy, vivid dreams that I remember for days.

I think your analysis is off... it's merely your papa bear side showing through. Someone, something hurts your family and you'll crush it with all the fury you can muster.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Dreams are only disturbing if you analyze them. Best thing is to wake up and completely forget you ever had them.

Unknown said...

Catherine and Dad-or are both right, if that's possible. Me, I like to analyze my dreams but sometimes it's impossible. How do you analyze Dad-or chasing Giant, 12-foot Kangaroos on Mars?

Mia said...

at least it wasn't a fury, pickle monster