Thursday, August 07, 2008


I believe I may have hit a near-record in stinginess having made it until August 7th at 10:30pm to turn on the air conditioning this year. In the meantime I have saved:

1) Money
2) The environment
3) Wear and tear on my on-its-last-legs unit (my neighbors just had to replace and identical model; mine was built in 1985 and still going strong!)

I have created:
1) Sweat
2) Complaints from girlfriend and guests
3) Hot kitties

Amazingly, my house is normally super-cool during the day due to the tile flooring. Even being at the bottom of a valley we normally cool off at night due to our proximity to that giant pond called the Pacific Ocean. But last night was toasty. I swear it was hotter at night than it was during the day (though I work at the beach so I have a false sense of daytime temperatures).

No, that's not strong enough wording. Basically the devil himself came and visited my bedroom last night and complained about the heat. He said something about moving back to Washington, DC where the 99% humidity seemed much cooler than the ambient temperature on Eastview Rd.

So not wanting to disappoint the devil, with whom I have a life-time pact which I shall not disclose lest he double-cross me, I turned on the A/C. The unit is working OK for now . And all it took to cool the house down was to set the temp to 77 from 79.

Lesson Learned: Cat fur does not melt at 3984 Kelvin.

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