Friday, August 08, 2008

Why Apple's stock chart is going UP

Once upon a time I worked on a Windows PC at work. Then I joined a liberal forward-thinking company. Now I use the computer of my choice. Why? Because when I'm on a conference call my computer works, I don't tell the other callers to wait for my computer to reboot. I can get to the documents I require. So I use a Mac. I attribute about 1% of my success at work simply to the quality of the computer I use. Lest you think 1% is low, that's a HUGE number. The other 99% is intention.

Once upon a time I used a Palm Treo for my telephone. I used it exclusively as I had/have no land-line at home and no interest in paying AT&T for one. Then they had a firmware upgrade that allowed me to get my email pushed to me like a BlackBerry. It's called ActiveSync. It worked... for a while. Then it didn't. Then other things started failing. And the calls started dropping. So I got an iPhone. Those things aren't broken anymore. They work. I attribute 1% of my productivity simply to having a phone that works. You know the rest.

Once upon a time I had a MP3 player that was among the first ones on the market. Before people knew what the hell an MP3 was. An MP-What? It worked... somewhat. It was highly portable but not highly usable. It had maybe 50 minutes of music. The company went bankrupt. So I got an iPod. I have lots of storage the UI is simple and it runs forever. It works. I attribute 1% of my on-the-go music enjoyment simply to having a music player that works. You know the rest.

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