Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bacon vs Financials

You could read the reports that the Nasdaq dropped 5% today and the Dow 4% (over an additional 4% two days ago). And you could fret that your 401k is nearly valueless. You could laugh that our next President may be so dumb as to privatize Social Security or thinks the economy is ok.

Or you could spend much more valuable time reading this recent find that a friend sent to me which is essentially the only real financial decision you have to make: buy bacon now or buy bacon later?

You could spend your time whithering away in your cubicle at work wondering when you'll lose your job as your grandfather before you did in 1929 or attempting to distract your children from telling you how hungry they are because you couldn't afford to buy Pop-Tarts anymore.

Or you could look at this lovely photo of me eating a bacon-bit-laden chocolate bar. Yes, baco-chocolate bar. No, you didn't read that wrong. See the photo evidence!

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