Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tech World is Repeating Itself

Maybe it's because I've now been in the tech world for several decades (at least in terms of tracing information on a DAILY basis, reading trade publications and now internet publications, etc.)... but I'm seeing a pattern here. Read the following excerpt from relating to the new iPhone:
"600 MHz is notably faster than the current iPhone and iPod Touch which run at 412 MHz and 532 MHz, respectively. Until now, the 2nd Generation iPod Touch has been the fastest device in the lineup by a good margin. Meanwhile, the previous generation models where also limited to 128 MB of RAM, so the new device offers twice as much which could be a welcome change to developers."
Hmm... does this sound to anyone JUST LIKE the late 90's? Pentium III processors had the exact same specs and yet those seem to be in the distant past now. It's not that the technology is the same. Far from it. It's 100-1000x smaller, more energy efficient and fits into a handheld device now! It produces visual effects beyond what could have been imagined 10 years ago. But the pattern is there. Life is completely repeating itself. That means I am both old AND wise (the latter only because I recognized the trend to be nearly identical to 10 years ago!). I suppose it's no different than the claim that came decades before and continually resurfaced. The same claim that still comes up here in my workplace: the "paperless" office is coming. Yah, right.

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