Saturday, February 18, 2006

Connected Despite Distance

It's when time passes quietly
that I miss them most.
Buried in my memories
they rise like a ghost.

My head hangs lowly
but is forced back up.
Eyes focused on my being
begging, rattling tin cup.

And I know there's not pity
nor should there be any.
Don't be your worst enemy
in a world of so many!

I'll never find solace there,
I'm all too complete.
It's the thoughts that betray
and cause such defeat.

My physique is strong
my will is so needy
and the yearning to do good
is beaten by the greedy.

Not absence of vision
or love that I've to give
But the will that surrounds us
and makes us all live

will save this kind spirit
and allow it an absence
so focus can resume; 'our', 'we', 'us'
connected at such a distance.

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