Thursday, March 02, 2006

Recipe for Smiling

- 1c Feelings of Elation
- 1/2c Lucid pain
- 2t tears
- 1T petting a fuzzy animal repeatedly
- 1/2t healing through silence
- 1-2 pinches meditation
- 6c yoga
- 1c cardiovascular exercise
- 3T thoughts about someone you love
- 1T thoughts about someone you almost loved
- 1/2t realization there are no regrets
- 1/2t realization there's but one life
- 1/2t appreciation for someone special
- 1/2T giving from the heart
- 1/2T opening yourself from the heart
- 10c acceptance
- Pinch of sorry
- Steadfast understanding, to taste

Shift life in a direction you can feel is right in your heart and mind. Mix by hand, slowly the elation and the pain making sure there's an equal mix at a 2:1 ratio of good to bad. Add first few pinches of acceptance and breath deeply. Add tears and pet fuzzy animal. Sit in silence and feel life rush over you like a swallow of the greatest medicine. Proceed to meditation and relax your sense organs. Mix half of yoga and stir. Add cardio. Don't overmix.

Take half of the mixture and add the thoughts about someone you love and the thoughts about someone you almost loved until both are dissolved and you can see there's really no difference if you can love yourself. Add realizations that there are no regrets but those that pity ourselves and that life is special. Whip appreciation to a thick cream and blend into life mix.

Add final giving and smiles from the heart being careful not to break the heart. Add open understanding and acceptance. Carefully and slowly add sorry. Be careful not to add too much sorry as the mix will become bitter. Sift understanding over mix until the taste is just right.

Put in stock pot and simmer for life. Stir often, tasting and smiling as much as possible.

** Note: If you are a male making this recipe be sure that your smiles aren't false ones to hide real emotion. You CAN make this recipe. You just have to know you aren't subject to anyone else's judgement. He/she/it/they can just be let go in lieu of this perfect cuisine.

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