Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gasholes and the bicycle backlash

I read an article just the other day in the LA Times about some crazed angry motorist killing two cyclists. Apparently he slammed on his brakes while descending some crazy-ass hill (Mandeville Canyon) and one guy flew into his back window. He's under arrest for manslaughter. Unbelievable. It's not bad enough to blow $5/gallon on your super-jumbo SUV, you also have to run over the other people trying to enjoy themselves and not contribute to the problem! Click here for all the details.

There's quite the discussion in the LA Times blog.

And then today my friend Aaron sent me a link to an article about some gashole there (the USA's most bike-friendly city according to Bicycle magazine!) drove around with some cyclist clinging to his hood. No shitting. That's real stuff people. Get a god-damn grip on reality folks!

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Unknown said...

There are people here who want cyclists to license their bikes and to help pay the taxes. Otherwise, they say they don't belong on the road. It's amazing how some drivers just can't stand sharing the road!