Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Making Ends

How do you people do it? The ones out there with the recurring monthly bills for "necessary services". Lets add up the ones I don't pay, shall we?

- Hard-line telephone even though you already have two cell phones

- Digital Cable (cuz I weeely weeely need TNT, pweety pleeze) and this is not with HBO or anything fancy, just freakin' cable (probably bundled with that useless phone above)
$50/month but most likely $70/month because you like that DVR

- Cell phone with data, text and voice minutes

- Gym membership

- Recreation costs (yoga, tennis club, dance, whatever wakes ya up in the morning)

Ok, so far that's a hell of a lot of stuff. $250/month in stuff you had to have. I'm guilty of some of that stuff, but I manage to get it through work. Get a job requiring a cell phone, cancel the one at home. Don't do cable, sorry. Work at a gym. Work at a recreation area or studio. Check. Check.

Lest you think I'm lecturing, I'm just pointing out that it amazes me those folks who are paying all of those things above can still go out to eat, save for retirement, send the kid to college and pay the bills while not bargaining with the devil himself. Or perhaps that's the piece I'm missing? Whatever it is, I want the skills required to know that those things are possible easily. I already have the skills to know they aren't necessary.

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Unknown said...

So Roo, the question you ask yourself is. If you didn't work at a Yoga studio and didn't have a job that gave you a cell phone, would you a). still do Yoga and b). would you have a phone? My guess would be yes to both.