Monday, July 28, 2008

A Letter to Mobile-Addicted Drivers

Dear Guy on the Freeway Still Talking on the Phone without a Headset,

It's been a month now. The law still says you can't talk on the phone without a hands-free device. Please put it down. Save yourself. Save the rest of us. Save the insurance companies. Save some innocent victim. Put down the cell.

Headsets are $0.99 on eBay. Even Bluetooth ones are pretty available.

The stock market is dying. The economy is dying. Soldiers in Iraq are dying. The "American Way" (whatever that is anymore) appears to be dying. Even Obama's campaign is losing steam. Everything politico-policy-wise is heading for the shitter. But this one law, this one seems pretty well thought out. So put the phone down, free your hands and feel that wheel. Remember how invigorating the feel of the open road can be? Take the time to feel it. Take time out. Away from your screaming wife, your "on-call" work and your 2.35 children.

I know that you think you need it. So have it. Just get a headset of some kind. And you don't need it, by the way. Any more than you "needed" that old SUV you just lost $10k on when you ducked out of that lease. And you got rid of that right? So get rid of this habit at the same time. Hell, my friend Kelly has a 4th kid on the way and she manages without the SUV, without the cell. She doesn't even have email. It is possible to still thrive. Yes, it's scary.

VW says, "Drivers Wanted". Hands-free required.


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