Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Day of the Sweaty Monkey

Part 1: The Day of a Social Monkey

Have you ever reviewed a day that seemed so simple and in retrospect is anything but? It is my current feeling that I am a complete socialized monkey following a series of motions that are interrupted only by fleeting thoughts or actions involving exercise, yoga and the un-named spice of life. And I think I'm "ok" with that.

  • Awoke at 5am after a restless night of sweaty dreams and cats impeding any comfortable positions
  • Consume Cinnamon Life cereal and read section A, B, C of LA Times.
  • Drove to work to meet with co-worker in the parking lot. Got there early, went inside and finished reading the paper
  • Walked outside 20 minutes later; combined into one car and drove to Los Angeles
  • Traffic
  • Arrived at 7th and Figueroa, went to Starbucks and talked about anything but work. Drink tall Americano. Grinned.
  • Stopped at bank (deposit, withdrawal, minor robbery, etc.)
  • Started working on servers: adding, removing, moving, lifting, installing, configuring, cabling, tunneling.
  • Ponder what a corporate mind-fuck it would be if I were in the office
  • Hungry... eat peanut bar from vending machine because it's the least evil not the most tasty.
  • Phone call #1 about a broken network in Japan
  • Phone call #2 about a broken network in Europe
  • Tear open middle left finger with power screwdriver. Bleed profusely.
  • Phone call #3 about an invoice for something ... blah blah blah
  • Phone call #4 -- when does work get done again?
  • Phone call #5...6, 7...
  • Break for lunch: sushi in a big way
  • Respond to the 6,495,293 emails received during lunch despite being 'off-site' for the day
  • Outgoing call to announce that there's no way to finish all the work so it would continue that night (tonight)
  • Drive home from Los Angeles
  • Got home, throw on running clothes and pant, stumble, limp and sweat your way to freedom -- 5K
  • Arrive home sweaty. Decide to wash car (can you say A-D-R-E-N-A-L-I-N-E ?). Virgo tendencies take over. Must clean outside, inside, rugs... ugh...
  • Car washing complete. Considered laying down but thought better of it. Made lunch for the next day, prepped dinner, and basically got life in order for the next day
  • Record transactions from morning in Quicken
  • Decide that procrastination is not helping; begin the 'evening' work
  • Quit working at 5:30pm to head to yoga
  • 1.5 hrs of absolute lovely Iyengar bliss
  • Mandatory cup of post-yoga herbal tea
  • Drive home to the 'prepped' dinner. Boil water, make pasta, heat sauce, cook fresh sausage.
  • Call beautiful woman and smile at how long this day is
  • Eat dinner, read magazine
  • Come to realization that crosswords are not my forte
  • Resume working. 1 hr. 2 hrs. Finish work. Send massively detailed email after pouring through web code.
  • Brain is fried.
  • Blog
  • Read the latest geek news

Part 2: The Night of a Sweaty Monkey

This part hasn't happened yet but I have amazing ESP so don't doubt me.

  • Shower because I've exercised TWICE today and not yet bathed and I smell like a sweaty monkey
  • Realize that I am a sweaty monkey but even sweaty monkeys like to smell nice
  • Read for 10 minutes before passing out
  • Another night of restless sleep -- what's my deal anyway?
  • Get up, rinse, repeat minus driving to LA, minus two workouts, minus temporary insanity.

Bored yet? Well, who told you to read a log of my day!? Eeeek! Eeeek!

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