Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Life in the Kitchen

It was that bottle of Pepe Lopez "Silver" that your friends polished off with such zeal for life.

The 'to-die-for' Lasagna that came as some kind of divine inspiration.

Or maybe that one talk that saved your relationship

The phone call that made you feel 17 again as you sat on the kitchen counter and smiled and giggled and felt the butterflies.

Perhaps the Drunken Viking looking confused but cheery and toasting as the background of friends created some new martini concoction.

Conversing with Parents. Grandparents. Children. Partners. Spouses.

Cleaning after a dinner party, a small gathering, a SuperBowl fiesta, a seder. Working alongside another in close quarters and distracting each other from the reality of the chore with smiles and conversation.

Making sausages, red bits flying around like some distorted home-makers meat packing plant ala Martha Stewart.

Baking cookies. Thinking of Mom.

Frying eggs. Thinking of Dad.

Cooking up the future. Creating life.

1 comment:

jamie said...

i recommed the Pepe Lopez Silver for those times when you're looking to get a close-up view of the cleanlieness of the kitchen floor. someday, i'll scan all my pictures in and post the series of Jon and I finishing that bottle.