Monday, November 21, 2005

Triple Shot

Grande Americano on an empty stomach
83 degrees
oh so accomplished and entering the sprint
the race is on
brain vs. heart
both executing their respective duties so authoritatively
with no desire to slow down
pumping and processing

If your standard race
has one starting gun
then this one
has three

How lovely to crave
raw human emotion.
The desire...
when were we
last driven
by something
other than ego?
It's recommended in
The Big Book of Real Life

Now the caffeine creates two
side effects
one is a stomach churning --
we'll live with that.
the other is
a false sense
of extraordinary clarity

not to say
we're blinded
right now
but perhaps
that last ride
on the carousel
made us dizzy,
just maybe.

so we work;
use those digits so
and choose
to be optimistic
that when the speed
(within reason)
all will be
as it should be.

cheers to that.
and stay off the decaf.

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