Tuesday, December 20, 2005

eight To four Every Day

So am I used now?
a permanent scar
finding just bitter
in the sweetness of war
See we shot the wad
dumped the load
nothing but blanks
kissing the toad
damaged goods here
complacent and bored
brain's not thinking
the squash is gored
cockles and mussels
it's all up for sale
highest bidder
leaves the taste stale
so leave now please
before it gets bad
and the money goes too
with the sanity I had
you see I'm not really worthy
of those things you say
I'm as lazy as the next one
lately bored of play
all those smiles you flash
the sly-fox tooth grin
just makes me delay
a loss with a win
so call me a pessimist
that's given into fate
but i say i'm a optimist
who crashed the iron gate
i tried driving forward
tried 'making the best'
but all i'm now feeling
is i'm under house arrest
how long can i read
the stories of the world
and not be out living
becoming unfurled
it's been a great ride here
please don't get me wrong
but i'm not really grateful
i worked for this long
and don't look for thanks
or cheery goodbyes
or hopeful engagements
or false starts and tries
no, no, i'm done now
i've had quite enough
and i'm ready for life again
not this substitute stuff
i'm feeling quite sick
on a near daily basis
and it makes me sad
to review my current stasis
here i go now, here i go
i won't sit here anymore
i'm getting up and leaving
i'm opening up the door
i'm putting my first foot through
put back what i'd borrowed
and here goes the rest of me,
so... I'll see you tomorrow.

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