Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Observations Of A Day During Mad Mahattan's Hectic Holidays

More fur coats than you can imagine. More than a 1860's mountain-man trading post in western Oklahoma. More than a 1920's glorified movie. More than we, in sunny California, imagine that society has the gall to bare.

Rich, chocolate Godiva cocoa. Steaming in my hands as the snowflakes fall like frozen confetti. It's warmth surrounds me; my liquid-brown shield against the unfamiliar elements of winter.

Blue and black Sanford & Son t-shirt that wasn't in my size. It said, "You Big Dummy" and had Red Foxx's head on it.

Men in suits, men in street clothes, men in all forms of attire. And all trying to look so 'chic' by not wearing hats. Men without hats. It's 23 degrees, fellas, time to give up on the perfect hair.

Woman on the subway, jolly, happy, leans on the upright pole taking a break from a happy day in the big city. But that ass. It extends 5" out from her sacrum and leaning into the pole just accentuates its extreme size. And now another. A pudgy white woman with an ass the size of a small metropolis. What is it about Manhattan? As I sat in the office kitchen for breakfast she piled her plate with pasty. As I sat in the office kitchen for lunch she waddled in with McDonalds. As I walked through during the "2pm Snack Break" she was eating an ice cream sundae. It's not for lack of taste. What aspects of this life can we control and which aspects can we not?

Old woman with a red dress on the #3 Express train heading south. Flaming red dress, black wool coat, and a green hunting cap with animal fur ear flaps. And she looked regal. Ready for the cold of winter. Ready to walk 10 blocks from the subway down the frozen streets of Brooklyn. Ready for another evening in the city.

The shining, bright, clean and crisp Maserati dealer next to the Maybach dealer next to the Ferrari dealer next to the Mercedes dealer on Park Ave just north of mid-town. Surreal but reminiscent of this society's focus.

"45 and a Bullet" at Floyd off Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. A Colt 45 beer and a shot of Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey.

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Unknown said...

What? You didn't get Dee Fee a Sanford & Son T-shirt for the holidays?