Monday, December 05, 2005


I think perhaps New Yorkers just don't understand how incredible it is that places like Veselka even exist, much less on every corner of New York's Village. In a world of bad diners and strip mall clubs it's amazing to visit NYC just to taste some of the thousands of privately-owned, tasty and unique restaurants.

Veselka is unique. A world unto itself serving "xmas borscht", kielbasa that's not greasy, beets, cabbage and pierogi's. And that's 1/20th of the menu. And then you can finish with your own personal pumpkin pie? Did I mention you can stuff yourself for about $15? Just kill me and send me to Ukrainian heaven!

Did I mention it all tastes good? This is a world where the 2nd Ave Deli is just steps away and people think nothing of it. Attention people of New York: visit the Olive Garden one day and then Subway the next. Then meditate on that for a while and smile at how fortunate you are! Everyone else: wag your tail and give 'em your best turned-head-glossy-eyed puppy look and see if you can earn a round-trip ticket to New York City.

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